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HPGCC 2.0 and Programmer's Notepad
04-04-2017, 04:44 PM
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RE: HPGCC 2.0 and Programmer's Notepad
(04-04-2017 03:44 AM)brickviking Wrote:  I'm assuming here that you've used #include "myfile.h" in your myfile.c and put the myfile.h in the same directory?

Yes, I've done that. In fact, I may have found what happens: in the Egan Ford's tutorial (that I don't follow because it is too overwhelming for a beginner like me) I read in the Makefiles section:
"The Makefile in ~/hpgcc/test is a Makefile I modified from the HPGCC distribution. This Makefile is all you need if you are developing single source file binaries using only HPGCC supplied libraries."

So, if I understand correctly, it is not permitted to split the source code into several files, hence the compiling error.

The Windows package I use also relies on a Makefile. I don't know what a Makefile is, and I don't understand its contents, but it certainly reproduces the behavior described in the Egan Ford's page.

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