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:00000,?>: as result of interval
05-09-2017, 03:01 PM (This post was last modified: 05-09-2017 03:13 PM by Beginner.)
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RE: :00000,?>: as result of interval
Thank you all for your efforts!

In the meantime a purchased a HP 50g as a "companion" to my HP Prime. (For me it is still difficult to get into the handling... the HP Prime is much easier. But I want to explore, why this "old" calculator is still so admired by engineers and technicians.)

So I successfully tried to calculate the intervall from 0 up to 9 of the function e^x^3 and got (after several minutes; I probably did not choose the correct flags) the result 1.64236213185 E314. (But it seems not to be possible to go further and increase the upper value to 10.)

Why is it not possible to do this with the HP Prime? It should be possible, as both HP calculators have a range up to E499.

With the TI NSpire (which to my mind is far less attractive than the HP Prime) it is possible to calculate the interval between 0 and 13 of the function e^x^3 in a few seconds. The TI Nspire can operate numbers up to E999.

I wanted to demonstrate the advantages of the HP Prime to my colleagues - and they compared the calculation power of my HP Prime to their TI Nspires. It was not as convincing as I had anticipated. But I really LIKE the HP Prime and would be glad if it could outscore the TI in the long run. And the step from the HP 50g to the HP Prime makes the handling for a new user much easier. So I really appreciate this development.
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