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Programmable Calculators: The First Generation
05-19-2017, 02:19 PM
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RE: Programmable Calculators: The First Generation
Not to retread this topic too much (which has been discussed a lot! - see here: SR-52 thread), here are some of the areas where the SR-52 was ahead. If I have to program something on an HP-65 or SR-52, I will pick up the 65, FWIW. I greatly prefer the HP 65 to the SR-52 in nearly every circumstance, but...

SR-52 vs. HP-65

22 user addressable memories vs. 9 (1)
224 program steps vs. 100
Program line numbers vs. no.
Indirect addressing vs. no
Some merged prefixes vs. nearly none (2)

(1) not all 9 of the HP 65 data memories are always available. SR-52 are 0-19, 98 and 99. Also in non-programming mode, STO 70-97 and RCL 70-97 work perfectly.

(2) 2nd function is merged. F and F-1 and G are not on the HP 65. Yes, I'm aware that STO 22 takes THREE steps on the SR-52, but the HP 65 hurts here too IMO.
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