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HP 01 upgrade video
05-24-2017, 01:17 PM
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RE: HP 01 upgrade video
(05-24-2017 07:15 AM)Geoff Quickfall Wrote:  Bernhard, you have done it again, and enhanced HP 01.

The watch in this video had a destroyed battery corroded PCA but an intact internal (part of the assembly not the shell) keyboard foil / contact array and a good LED block.

The keyboard foil / contact array and LED block were harvested and transplanted onto a Panamatik HP 01 PCA. Again, check out Bernhards' web site for the manuals and in depth discussion:

Panamatik download

I gave a talk about the HP 01 last year at HHC2016:

HHC206 Cricket talk

So here is a video of some of the extra functions incorporated into Bernhards' magical PCA. The watch in the video was restored on the outside also and you may notice the hand cut and polished LED cover crystal. It is from a Summit calculator and is a plexi cylinder cut length wise in half to create a magnifying lens. It makes the digits twice the size of the original flat mineral crystal and can be repeatably polished when scratched. Also for my eyes, much more readable.

Another note, this is revision 1.1 which allows one to modify the 80 character welcome message from the keyboard. There is a flashed message that remains after a battery failure and is programed via contacts on the board via the pc. It is temporarily overwritten by the keyboard message for as long as power is maintained to the PCA.

the video: Panamatik HP 01

p.s. the numbers after my name on the message are aircraft type endorsements on my license.

And here is Bernhard live in acion onn the last HP Meeting in Allschwil
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