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HP-71B back up and running again
05-25-2017, 10:32 PM
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RE: HP-71B back up and running again
(05-25-2017 08:45 PM)Dave Frederickson Wrote:  
Quote:Has anyone managed to get the newest version of Py-ILPER working on a Mac? Are there instructions around for a bonehead like me who knows nothing of what it takes to instantiate Python on a Mac and get this all going?

Yes and yes. Search the Forum for posts by Sylvain pertaining to pyILPER and the Mac.

Thanks very much for your response, Dave.

I took a look, as you suggested, and I've stumbled through the installation process. For some reason, my PATH= does not work, but I can invoke pyilper by ./miniconda3/bin/pyilper , and it comes up. I configured to my proper /dev/usb... and I am connecting between pyilper and the PIL-Box.

I've enabled the printer, and I can issue the command DISPLAY IS :1 for it to become my display, or I can simply PRINT to it. I've enabled the terminal, and I can use it by the command DISPLAY IS :4 (this, of course, frees up the printer to be simply the printer).

I was initially stymied by the drives. I designated a file to be used, and the pyilper display properly showed the files contained within it. However, in the pyilper status, both of the drives first showed up having address 0. RESTORE IO fixed that, and now it appears like I have it all working!

Thanks again for your assistance!

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