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Which calculator would you reccomend?
05-26-2017, 02:30 AM
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RE: Which calculator would you reccomend?
(05-26-2017 01:47 AM)Chris. Wrote:  35s,15c , 15c LE or 42s
I am taking calculus soon and most likely will not be able to use my HP prime.
Do you think it would be wise to sell my hp prime? In College
I prefer RPN.

A used 15C will be cheaper than a 15C-LE, have a better keyboard, and has fewer bugs. The 35S has many bugs, though they are not encountered in typical use. The DM42 from SwissMicros is just entering beta-stage this week and is likely a good alternative to the generally more expensive used 42S, as it is fully compatible, has a much larger LCD, larger memory and the ability to transfer programs in/out via USB.

Is there any reason you aren't considering a 50g ? RPL is indeed harder to master than RPN keystroke programming, but the 50g has a CAS (not nearly as capable as Prime's but it is accessible from RPL) and has built-in support for symbolic calculus; all the other models can only do numeric approximations, which the 50g can also do, much faster and with better precision. Check it out.

--Bob Prosperi
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