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Unexpected Feature on HP-22
05-29-2017, 09:21 PM
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Unexpected Feature on HP-22
HP's earliest financial calculators do not have an EEX key, so it would appear that entering large numbers such as 10 billion might be rather awkward. However, when playing around with my HP-22 I accidentally stumbled on something when I entered too many zeros. If I enter a large number that goes to more than 10 places, it automatically goes into scientific notation and the exponent keeps rising with each additional digit entered. Whereas on an HP-35 I would enter EEX 10 for ten billion, on the HP-80 I would key in 1 followed by 10 zeros. I can find no mention of this in the HP-22 manual.

Now, when I look at the manuals for the two financials that preceded the HP-22, the HP-80 and HP-70, they do mention that you key in large numbers this way.

I wonder if anyone else who owns an HP-80, HP-70 or HP-22 has noticed this feature?

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