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48G thousands separator in Standard number?
05-31-2017, 01:17 PM (This post was last modified: 05-31-2017 09:05 PM by Vtile.)
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RE: 48G thousands separator in Standard number?
I must say that most implementation sucks on this regard. Here where I live the comma is the official decimal mark, while the dot is not in use and the thousand separation is mostly done with space. Since the nation is small there is not much market specific models around so people use dot and comma intuitively on computing devices for the decimal point (or radix if you prefer). The worst systems are the ones that mix the dot and comma, 15C is almost unusable in this regard and it still at times leaves me wondering what does read on the display.

The problem is not the radix, but the urge to mix the dot and comma with the thousand separation. I personally use dot in 50g because IIRC the comma as a radix introduced some quirks to the UI (or were it the dot as thousand separation *yak*).

Edit. Dot to Comma in the last sentence.
Edit2. I just noticed that 50g also uses this thousand separiation thing, no wonder I always keep it in ENG mode.
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