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Using HP's 12C and 15C emulators
05-31-2017, 08:06 AM (This post was last modified: 05-31-2017 09:55 AM by Dieter.)
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Using HP's 12C and 15C emulators
Here and there I use HP's emulators of the 12C and 15C. Unlike other emulators (e.g. the 35s version) there seems to be no consistent keyboard mapping. For instance the Ctrl key maps to the [g] prefix but there is nothing that would map to [f] or [R/S]. The function keys F1..F11 access the calculator keys in the first two rows, some letters are assigned to different functions on the 15C and 12C. I think using these emulators with a common PC keyboard is quite cumbersome, so my question is: can this be changed in any way, e.g. by something like a mapfile that defines the keyboard assignments?

Finally, how do you change the decimal marker? On the "real thing" you simply hold down the decimal point while the device is turned on. But how can I switch the 12C and 15C emulators from 1,234,567.00 to 1.234.567,00 ?

Edit: Looks like the key assignments are defined in the .skin files. I can see the keys and their position within the emulator window, but I'm still not perfectly sure about the syntax and the use of the {} brackets.

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