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Need a new laptop
06-16-2017, 02:24 PM
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Need a new laptop
This is kind of related to HP calculators:

So Apple locked me out of my iCloud driven email yesterday. After an hour on the phone with customer support it became clear my old, but still functioning, MacBook is un-updatabe to Apple's current systems. Even if I can locate an email program and a browser that can still work with Mac OS 10.6.8 they will be a big enough change that it is worth buying a new computer with a modern OS.

Here is how it relates to this community: I have been thinking about upgrading my 41CV to a 41CL. I have a Swiss Micros DM41 and will probably buy their 42S clone when it becomes available. Using a Mac is a chore with my old HP equipment and the DM41. Would migrating back to Microsoft's OS make sense in terms of my HP calculator hobby?

How does an iPhone 5 work with Microsoft stuff? The phone is new and I don't see my self junking it for an android system.

Sorry for the dumb questions. I am a bit miffed with Apple right now and don't feel like buying another overpriced Apple device.

In order of appearance: HP 41CV, CMT-MCGPS, HP 41CX, DM 41, DM 42
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