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Flags used by HP-82182A Time Module
06-26-2017, 04:27 AM
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RE: Flags used by HP-82182A Time Module
(06-25-2017 04:35 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  Someone recently pointed out to me that the HP-82182A Time Module uses flag 31 to for MDY/DMY mode (clear = MDY). This was relevant because Free42 used an invisible flag for that setting, which I then changed to flag 31 for better compatibility.

Of course there are a few other flags that are also used by peripherals: 12 and 13 by the printer (12 set = double width, 13 set = lowercase) and card reader (14 set = override write protect), but are there any other flags used by peripherals? Is this documented anywhere?

I'm specifically interested in whether the Time Module's CLK12/CLK24 and CLKT/CLKTD settings are reflected in any flags.

The CLK12/CLK24 and CLKT/CLKTD status is stored in the Scratch register (register 4) in the Time Module itself. Bit 7 Low means CLKT, bit 6 Low means CLK12.
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