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Time Module clone - first light
07-21-2017, 09:48 PM
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RE: Time Module clone - first light
(07-21-2017 05:14 AM)Ángel Martin Wrote:  Nice looking baby, this is a challenging project - the TIME module has much more than meets the eye, serious underpinnings!

Looking forward to the next stages...

The trickiest part is switching the clocks around when the 41 powers up or down, because you have to keep time across the transition and then while power is down. It looks like that is working fine, from what I've seen today.

The accuracy factor might seem tricky, and it is done in a very clever way, but it's clearly described in the HP documentation.

Debugging is VERY slow-going, because I can only look at a couple of internal signals at a time, and I have to recompile the design each time I change a signal I want to look at. Speaking of which, is there any existing software that will let me peek and poke 41C peripheral registers? The peek and poke functions that I wrote for the CL only work with CL peripheral registers, and It would be really nice to be able to directly access the timer registers while I'm debugging.
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