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Hp41cl pages 6 and 7 usage for modules
08-02-2017, 09:17 AM (This post was last modified: 08-02-2017 02:11 PM by Suhast22.)
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Hp41cl pages 6 and 7 usage for modules
Hello I want to know what modules apart of the hpil and the or printer you can plug in those ports as the hp41cl manual states that the HEPAX can work fine in the port 6 but the CL utils manual says it is not recommended to plug the HEPAX on those pages because they lack banking. i would like to install the HEPAX rom on page 6, the osx3 on port 7, the library #4 on port 4 and a HEPAX RAM 8k in pages 8 and 9 will this work fine?

Is there any advantage of not using the ir printer or the hp il interface in terms of get more room using pages 6 and 7 or this will lead to problems?
Ok I have seen it is possible for v3 boards the banking so I will put lib 4 on page 4. Hepax on page 6 and powercl on page 7. The ram for hepax on page 8.
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