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base conversion problems...
09-05-2017, 07:05 AM
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RE: base conversion problems...
The programming has its restrictions. Especially when it comes to the topics webmasterpdx is talking about in his posts. And there are issues with convenience, productivity and keystrokes from time to time.
Although I am surely not fully qualified to talk about the programming and customization of the prime, I notice that there are still flaws and drawbacks.

Quote:The HP Prime has a USER MODE which allows the user to assign functions and programs to keys, thus making it possible to do anything you want in the fewest possible keystrokes. If your favorite function takes more keystrokes than you'd like, just assign it to a key, and from now on it's available in ONE keystroke. Don't like the interface? Prime is programmable. Write your own. Then assign it to a key.

In other words, we all have three options available to us. (1) Bemoan the fact that the gravel hurts our bare feet. (2) Demand that the world pave itself. (3) Put on shoes.

(4) get leather and tools and learn how to craft shoes....... ;-)
(5) shoot cows, learn skinning goto (4)

Don't make things too easy for HP. A company should try to offer the best possible sollutions and not hide behind such things. That leads to reputation in a competing market.
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