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base conversion problems...
09-05-2017, 08:52 AM
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RE: base conversion problems...
With respect to the comment above my last one, the prime is a very powerful calculator, but it needs nicer wrappers to get at the great features. e.g. The menu stuff should have the functions I use in the program above...that's a perfect example. There is a terminal output....they should provide a terminal window with scrollbar and the ability to both do input and output via the terminal....kind of like stdout in an xview window. There are a lot of applications where all you want is text, and the terminal provides the perfect conduit to produce these utilities. There are a bunch of stuff like this I'd love to see and wouldn't add much to the firmware. Also better coexistance between the CAS and HOME views. In fact, because the CAS stuff is transferred from XCas, perhaps the best way to do this is to make the entire home system work with the CAS i/o.
I'm fairly new to the prime....just got it a month or two ago, and it definitely requires getting used to. Calculators are kind of a ripoff, as you can get an app for a tablet for much less money. However, I love the feel of a calculator and when you are intimate with it, they can be very productive tools. So, it's important that HP keeps this product alive. It's also important that they realize that students are not the only customers. I'm really tired of hearing "we won't add that feature as it could allow students to get around exam mode".....maybe the solution is to have 2 for students and a "pro" version for professionals.
Finally, I gotta mention this. I find it very annoying that I have to use a flashlight to see the keys because of the poor choice of colors. I sure hope the person who came up with those is no longer employed at HP. Also, they need to assign a different hardware number to the version with the darker keys. I was unable to purchase one (even though it was on the market) as the sales people at HP dont' know their own products so when I tried to order it that way, they said what you buy is what you get, and they had no way to distinguish between the dark keys and light ones....I was unable to find a local store at the time with the dark I run my calculator with a book light to see the keys. :-)
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