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Casio anomaly or gremlin or bug...
09-06-2017, 04:14 AM
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RE: Casio anomaly or gremlin or bug...
(09-06-2017 12:17 AM)toml_12953 Wrote:  
(09-05-2017 07:21 PM)John Cadick Wrote:  In some parts of the world (the US primarily) the whole sequence is PEMDAS. parentheses, exponentiation, multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.

Doing your example using PEMDAS the answer would be developed as:
6/2(1+2) => 6/2*3 => 6/6 = 1


No, In the US, Multiplication and division have the same precedence so they're done left to right (as are addition and subtraction). Thus

6/2(1+2) Do the operation in parentheses first.

6/2(3) Of the remaining operators, division is the first, left to right so it is done in precedence over the multiplication.

3(3) There's only a multiplication left to do.


Implied multiplication has the same precedence as a multiply sign in most implementations.

This thread has blown up as most of such threads do. I was not saying how to do,it. I was simply showing that two methods that are being used give different answers.

I have also seen folks use the method of giving equal precedence to MD and AS. If that is the case, shouldn't the rule be written as PE(MD)(AS)?

As Joe says, different people have learned in different ways. Even the different calculators give different results. That is what confused Matt.

Anyway, I hope I haven't offended anyone.

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