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Proposed SDK App
09-05-2017, 11:25 PM
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Proposed SDK App
I've got a whacky idea. I think I'm going to create an SDK app (Software Development Kit). The idea is to have a color editor with search for text functionality etc, etc...
I'll add a GUI IDE, where you can specify your menus and submenus and it'll generate wrappers for your event handlers. I'll see if I can also add a Terminal IO capability, like stdin/stdout, for people to quickly whip out programs using the GUI capabilities.
I can also add a canvas that you can place widgets on like sliders, number selectors, drop down lists, checkboxes, etc, etc..
I'm unsure as of now what is possible and not possible, but it'd be really useful to have our own HP Prime visual studio equivalent for software development, that solves all that stuff that takes so long to figure out.
This will be a very useful tool if I can accomplish it. I'm not making this my life work, but it'll be a fun project and I think it's needed. In addition, I'll really learn the internals of the Prime functionality.
I'll start it for sure....
Now if I do this, I need others to promise me something. Please do not use the same name if you copy this app and change it. I want to reserve the App name SDK and program name libSDK.

Some of this is already done. I've seen a color editor out there...I can figure out how to implement some of these things from these existing programs and build on that.

When I release the first version, I'll certainly be open for requests and suggestions, and if you do have an improvement, I'll certainly consider changing the app with your suggestions in a future release.
I also believe that when I come out with a high enough version, I'll use the app itself to rewrite a cold room version of the app....the ultimate test. I remember I think the first C compiler was rewritten and compiled by itself...the ultimate release test.
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