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Proposed SDK App
09-06-2017, 11:16 AM
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RE: Proposed SDK App
I also had that idea, after creating a few smaller programs. My editor already allows simple editing, but for now it is more a prove of concept. Trying to understand, what could enhance program entry. I don't want to re-enter identifiers, that are already somewhere in the text, like variable and function names. In addition I want to improve code navigation. A search function is not enough, IMO, because I would have to enter text, again.

Are my findings correct that we cannot access 'app' programs?

And what about compilation? We can assign the source code to Program("NAME"). This returns 0 in case of a compilation failure and 1 in case of success. But how can I find out, at which character position the compiler bails out? Do we have to provide our own parser? I don't like the idea.

And, well, I will not use SDK.

- Robert -
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