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Proposed SDK App
09-08-2017, 04:31 PM
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RE: Proposed SDK App
So far I've discovered that the only built-in widgets are the input forms and limited checkbox functionality. Only base menu (menu buttons, but no submenus) are supported. There are no sliders and progress bars....these are all done graphically. The input fields are input by typing on the input line and hitting OK and that input line is put in the input field. It can't distinguish between real and integers unless you use the # character (ugly). Bottom line is the prime is severely limited in it's widgets functionality. Now if you program them graphically from scratch, you could do to do a real Sdk with a real GUI would require writing the widgets from scratch pretty much.
I need to think if there is an efficient way to do that. Ideally any SDK should use widgets residing in the firmware. However, maybe if i write the code, they'll eventually appear in the firmware.
Need to think about this....
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