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Busicom LE-120A
09-28-2017, 12:30 PM
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RE: Busicom LE-120A
(09-28-2017 10:55 AM)Maximilian Hohmann Wrote:  Hello!

(09-27-2017 05:43 PM)EmilDohne Wrote:  I was wondering if it is possible to give me a price estimate for this calculator. And if not, if anyone knows where I could get an appraisal?

I think not much has changed since this 4 year old thread here:

The book I quoted in that thread has not been uddated in the meantime (to my knowledge) so there are no revised figures for the quoted value. In order to achieve those 200-300$ you must of course find the one collector who is willing to pay that much for this machine.

In order to see what is possible you could list it in the classified section of this forum or of course try the large auction platform. But make sure that you carefully (!!!) clean the calculator as good as possible, ideally get it to work and make some real good photos. Good pictures in the advert double the sales price!


Thanks for the advice. The calculator already works, just have to clean it and get some good pictures
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