Poll: Do you use a real WP 34S?
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[Poll WP 34S] How many 34S are in use by forum members?
05-18-2014, 04:22 PM
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RE: [Poll WP 34S] How many 34S are in use by forum members?
(05-17-2014 09:49 AM)jebem Wrote:  I confirm that I'm a proud owner of a HP-30B converted into a super RPN WP-34S calculator since a couple of weeks ago.

I find the poll numbers a little on the shy side, even considering that it relates to the MoHPC members.

Out of curiosity, do we have now an official estimate of the existing proper WP-34S machines in use? (by proper I mean HP-20/30B calculators using the official Eric's keyboard overlay)

For instance, crossing the keyboard overlay numbers (only 345 by March...) with the SF downloaded firmware images could give a rough idea of the actual number.
It is, as I seem to recall someone writing somewhere that Eric had sold 345 or so of them(one to me, I'm not very good at soldering).

Anyhow over the last 5m or so I acquired an additional 3 30bs(they're pretty cheap right now), wanted to keep one as "stock" to see what their "business" calcs were like, one going to leave alone in package, and the third I will experiment on flashing(no timer), and the update my good(Eric) wp-34s to the latest and greatest firmware assuming that my flashing attempts on the guinea pig go well. (Going to try the arduino/holding wires approach, or maybe rig up another easy sort of temp attachment... maybe like some electrical tape and punch the wire ends through over the connections, so it'll (a) hold and (b) align the wires for me w/o having to hold them in place by hand... just thought about this one as a q&d, so I'll need to look to see if there's room to try this...yep checked looks worth an attempt...and no need for an official or cobbled together cable...)
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