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Aesthetic coherence in new 3D-App [Beta public FW12969]
11-15-2017, 03:01 PM (This post was last modified: 11-15-2017 03:04 PM by Tim Wessman.)
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RE: Aesthetic coherence in new 3D-App [Beta public FW12969]
Please provide some suggestions for the changes and I can see what I can do. Take a screenshot of the "problem" places and do some color adjustment/tweaking and show what you are thinking. I'll be much more likely to understand and possibly help.

The issue you are describing is more the viewing angle of the screen though I think. Looking at it straight on I have no problem seeing the default selection blue.

Here's the main color shade defaults:
//dark theme
COLOR(DefDarkDrawingAndTextColor,242,242,242); // default drawing and text color (White)
COLOR(DefDarkSecDrawingAndTextColor,33,33,33); // default secondary drawing and text color (dark grey)
COLOR(DefDarkBackgroundColor,25,25,25);        // default background (dark grey)
COLOR(DefDarkSecBackgroundColor,9,32,51);      // default secondary background (dark blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSelectionColor,29,57,75);         // default selection color (blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSecSelectionColor,23,53,70);      // default secondary selection color (faint blue)
COLOR(DefDarkShadowColor,156,156,156);         // default shadow color (Grey 55)
COLOR(DefDarkSecShadowColor,86,86,86);         // default secondary shadow color (Grey15)
COLOR(DefDarkSel2Color,88,138,180);            // default selection 2 color (darker blue)
COLOR(DefDarkSecSel2Color,40,84,120);          // default secondary selection 2 color (mid blue)
COLOR(DefDarkDrawText2Color,255,65,65);         // default draw and text 2 color (red)
COLOR(DefDarkSecDrawText2Color,170,44,44);     // default secondary shadow color (mid red)

Here's the "selection" colors:

    /*          Dark Selection shades                                       */

    //primary selections
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(65,8,8), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(65,44,8), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(69,69,33), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(10,59,8), //green
    ColorDefDarkSelectionColor,  //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(50,19,77), //purple

    //secondary selections
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,7,7), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,35,5), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(59,59,26), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(7,49,6), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecSelectionColor, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(42,13,67),  //purple

    //secondary backgrounds
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(32,9,9), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(42,28,2), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(49,49,21), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(5,41,4), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecBackgroundColor, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(30,8,49),  //purple

    //vibrant selection1
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(200,56,56), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(202,135,21), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(222,220,91), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(72,245,65), //green
    ColorDefDarkSel2Color,  //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(166,78,243), //purple

    //vibrant selection2
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(139,37,37), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(143,100,26), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(157,156,65), //yellow
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(52,158,48), //green
    ColorDefDarkSecSel2Color, //blue
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(105,48,154),  //purple

    //text 2 - 1
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(62,85,255), //yellow
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color, //green
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color,  //blue
    ColorDefDarkDrawText2Color, //purple

    //text 2 - 2
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //red
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //orange
    MacroRGB8ToTColor(53,69,186), //yellow
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color, //green
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color,  //blue
    ColorDefDarkSecDrawText2Color, //purple


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