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Virtual Calculator Keys
12-20-2017, 01:24 AM
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RE: Virtual Calculator Keys
The reason they don't return anything is that they aren't actually actuating keys! Note how certain keys such as ENTER, 1, 2, 3, ESC and so on show the keyboard image being "pressed". These are defined in your skin file. However, alpha text is being passed direct into the code as a text event. Imagine if each time you typed a on the keyboard, you saw the calculator do a SHIFT ALPHA A at once. It wouldn't improve understandability of what was happening, but just be really distracting and hard to understand.

This is also why users of international keyboards with non-US layouts and symbols can still directly use the keyboard and the expected character comes out. Some keyboards have a superscript 2 that actuates the X^2 button for example. Only if it has a direct mapping to a single keystroke did I make the button "press" visually.

I suppose an extension could be made to the "ISKEYDOWN", or maybe a new one called ISTEXT( ) could be made that lets you do something like ISKEYDOWN("a","A","Á") and that would allow you to take specific actions on those specific incoming matching text items as well...

I will need to think about this and if it makes sense. Thanks for the suggestion and if enough people seem to like it I may stick it in for potential future releases.


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