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[Survey] HP users around the world
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[Survey] HP users around the world
Hi everyone!

Every time I look for HP related videos on youtube I mostly find spanish speaking users. Luckily I can understand quite a bit of spanish, so I can watch them, but strangely enough it looks like that the content in spanish language is much more abundant than that in english (maybe because in english speaking countries they use different calculator brands in the schools and so the HP user base is smaller?)

Anyway, I just wanted to do a small survey to research, in a totally non scientific way, the average geographic distribution of HP calculators users around the world and the languages spoken / understood.

I will periodically update this post with the aggregated answers to get a rough idea of the forum's users distribution around the globe.

Side note: of course, the english language here will be over-represented, so the stats are completely skewed BUT the geographic distribution might be surprising nonetheless.

---- Myself

Country: Italy
Languages spoken: Italian, English
Basic understanding of (enough to watch videos and read articles and understand the majority of the content): Spanish, Portuguese

---- Stats below

13 x USA
6 x France
6 x Germany
4 x Italy
2 x Brazil
2 x Canada
2 x Spain
2 x UK
1 x Argentina
1 x Australia
1 x Belgium
1 x Chile
1 x Nederlands
1 x Norway
1 x Portugal
1 x Thailand

Fluent in the following languages
42 x English
14 x French
11 x German
9 x Italian
6 x Spanish
4 x Portuguese
3 x Dutch
1 x Norwegian
1 x Polish
1 x Thai

Basic understanding
18 x Spanish
11 x German
11 x French
6 x Italian
5 x Portuguese
3 x Dutch
3 x English
3 x Russian
2 x Norwegian
1 x Czech
1 x Faroese
1 x Icelandic
1 x Japanese
1 x Latvian
1 x Polish

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