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[Survey] HP users around the world
01-13-2018, 08:51 PM
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RE: [Survey] HP users around the world
(01-13-2018 08:12 PM)Thomas Okken Wrote:  Dutch kids really have to work to learn German, even though those two languages are each other's closest relatives.

For a couple of years a shared an office with a colleague from Amsterdam. Some time we went for a beer after work with other Dutch colleagues or skiing in the weekend and on diving holidays. I was so used to hear people speak Dutch around me that one day when he was not in the office I took a call for him and without thinking answered in Dutch. When he came to our office next day he told me that his mom had called him in the evening and asked since when he shared his office with another Dutchman... I was feeling kind of proud then but that was really the one and only time that I ever spoke a few words in Dutch. Thinking of it I forgot to tick "Dutch" in my survey answer above in the category "reading newspaper articles". And of course I also forgot Latin which they made us study at school in endless boring hours.
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