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Looking for '71 or '75 Program for 7470 Plotter
12-18-2019, 08:27 AM
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RE: Looking for '71 or '75 Program for 7470 Plotter
Hello Joachim,

thank you very much for the examples in I was able to send the text files to the pyILPER plotter emulator using the plot program and save them as PDF. The PDF's look really great and give the feeling of using a brand new real plotter.

Most BASIC programs ran on my real HP-71B without any problems. But all BASIC programs with an ENTER command got stuck at this point. Also clicking in the plotter window and pressing the "Enter" button did not help. I also tried to enter coordinates with the "P1 / P2" button. Nothing helped, the programs never got over the first ENTER command. It's about HATCH, FILL, MASK, DIGI, LOST1, LOST2, SYNTAX and CLIP. I use Windows 10 Pro 64bit and pyIlPER 1.8.1.

Can you please explain which settings and manual activities are exactly necessary for the ENTER command to work.

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