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Looking for '71 or '75 Program for 7470 Plotter
02-28-2018, 09:35 AM (This post was last modified: 02-28-2018 11:10 AM by jsi.)
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RE: Looking for '71 or '75 Program for 7470 Plotter
I have attached a LIF image file with HP-71 test programs and HP-GL test files that I use for regression testing of the pyILPER plotter emulator.

To run the test suite:
  • copy the basic file "TESTALL" and the text file "TESTFL" to the HP-71
  • enable the plotter and assign an HP-IL address to it
  • execute : RUN TESTALL
  • enter the device name of the tape drive (e.g.TAPE(1))
There are user interactions necessary:
  • The program GRA suspends execution to change the pen sizes of the plotter, enter "cont" to continue
  • the digitizer test requires to click into the plotter window and to push the "Enter" button

You may run the basic programs on the LIF image directly or use the "plot" program to dump HP-GL text files to the plotter.

The test suite covers all examples from the "Interfacing and Programming Manual of the HP7470". Some of the larger HP-GL files were created with the HP-41 plotter rom and the examples in the book "Grafik mit dem HP-41" (unfortunately only available in German).

The plotter emulator allows for logging the incoming HP-GL commands.

I recommend to use the "output" statement to transmit HP-GL to the plotter instead of the "print" command since the necessary "printer is" assignment to the plotter tends to mess things up.


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