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Found these inside a non-working 71B
03-11-2018, 07:53 PM
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RE: Found these inside a non-working 71B
(03-11-2018 07:35 PM)rprosperi Wrote:  
(03-11-2018 07:15 PM)MikeSD Wrote:  Wow, lucky. The comp above U9 looks like a math module. Part number 5061-7236. I'll post pics soon.

The Math Module is part number 5061-7226, not 36. Typo, or maybe some numbers aren't clear on this chip too?

Nah, just a typo on my part. i have better images on my camera. Just using phone for this thread. will replace with better photos later.

I think i will test these chips in another 71b thats known working. Math, FORTH and 64K RAM would be a good find, in a calc i marked junk a few years when it didnt work when I turned it on, assuming they are working.
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