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Retro computer replicas (Altairduino, etc.)
04-18-2018, 07:21 PM
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RE: Retro computer replicas (Altairduino, etc.)
(04-18-2018 06:56 PM)Craig Bladow Wrote:  ... I built a Zeta SBC...

I still have a CPU board with a Z80 that looks very similar to the one in your link. Together with a bus board and some peripherials. Somwhere in a box in the garage. But I don't think it will ever see electrons flowing through it's circuits again. It was supposed to become my next computer after the Sinclair ZX81 some time around 1983 but development was so fast then and prices dropped so rapidly that I could afford to buy a "real" computer with color graphics and sound and floppy drives...

But that Altairduino looks tempting...
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