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Help With Using the Math Module
04-23-2018, 06:24 AM
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RE: Help With Using the Math Module
(04-23-2018 01:40 AM)Gene Wrote:  Try setting flag 4. That allows the routines to be used as subroutines and should leave the complex results in the X and Y registers. That should allow you to have access to the values when SINZ.

Are you using the dedicated printer along with the HP 41 ?

Thanks for the second idea but it did not work.

I set flag 4 and I saw no difference in how the program worked.

I then ran the command (the SINZ one) again with the IR printer attached. The program did not run any differently but as expected it did send the output to the printer which I think would be expected for flag 21 being set ("printer enable").

So I went ahead and dug a bit deeper into my 41CX manual (appendix D to be specific, "Printer Operation") and found that if the computer thinks the printer is connected, then it will not pause between outputs whereas when it is present, will go through them without stopping.

I'll give you one guess what I had installed all this time? My IR printer module. With it installed, the flag 55 was set which indicated to the computer that there was a printer to which to send the output and thus not to stop between sending output to the screen.

As we like to say in our family after we do something boneheaded: "When in doubt, read the directions." LOL

This is a problem I should have not fallen for. I did a bit of coding "back in the day" (FORTRAN and C, does that date me??) so I should have remembered what I've told graduate students. I.e that computers are really good at following directions, even if they are not the ones you thought you gave them to follow. ;-)

I had made the assumption that the printer had to communicate back to the transmitter for the computer to think the printer is there. This is obviously wrong! :-O

It would have taken a LOT more time to work this out without you help. So with that in mind: Thank you very much!


Just a nerd girl with too much alphabet soup behind her name and an HP-41CX.
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