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HP-97S Simulation
04-23-2018, 01:49 PM
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HP-97S Simulation
Hi all,

I added the HP-97S to the HP-97 emulator download at

There is an extra screen in the register pages that allows you to play around with the Interface. I have included program cards with 3 of the examples from the HP-97S user manual that will work with the Interface.

For example, you can set any of the 10 input digits to any one of 16 values, then initiate a "LOAD" and if the interface is ready, it will transfer the data to the calculator which will then do whatever the current program is set for, as long as there is a LBL A somewhere in the program.

There are examples for manual input, variable input, Mean and Standard Deviation, and a continuous random LOAD example. More details are in the help file.

I did start to build a simple I2C connection for the MultiCalc kit which would emulate the 97S interface, but hardware kits are costly and I don't really think there would be enough interest to justify it.


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