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HP-97S Simulation
04-24-2018, 12:31 AM
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RE: HP-97S Simulation
(04-23-2018 04:08 PM)Harald Wrote:  I guess it's time to look into what the 97s could be useful for Smile
Maybe I could recreate the interface for the classic upgrade kit...

I think the hardware problem is that the interface is only a part of the overall picture. The interface itself could be quite simple just by piggy backing off the I2C serial EEPROM, ie no changes to the existing hardware. A PIC16F818 will serve quite well as an I2C slave and interface controller with some parallel to serial converters. Total electronics cost for a basic system with PCB would be around $20.

However, for it to be of any use, there will have to be other circuitry created by the user and this will depend on the function required, scales, counters, analog data etc.

Each of these extra circuits will have to decode their outputs to BCD format for the 10 digit inputs, plus the logic for the control lines.


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