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Soft menu keys
04-26-2018, 12:22 PM
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RE: Soft menu keys
Hi Tim,
For instance, I do a fair amount of unit conversions. When you press "shift" "units", the Tools pop up menu is displayed. If you hit the down arrow on the pad, it scrolls down from "CONVERT" to "MKSA" to "UFACTOR" to "USIMPLIFY" Then back to the top "CONVERT". What I would propose is that when you tap the down pad from "USIMPLIFY" instead of going back to the top, it would continue down to "TOOLS". then you could use the left and right pad to navigate to "Units", "Const" and 'OK".

I'm sure there is probably a good reason not to do it that way, but that would be consistent with other menus on things like TVs. I am new to Prime, but have owned many HP RPN calculators over the years starting with HP 21 back in the day. Prime is replacing my 35s as the "daily driver". I have one at work and one in my home office. The Prime has really excellent keys. We could debate about which side the ENTER key belong, but lets not go there. Overall a pretty nice piece of design.
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