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Which libraries do you use / would you recommend on your calculator?
05-01-2018, 10:29 AM (This post was last modified: 05-01-2018 10:29 AM by pier4r.)
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Which libraries do you use / would you recommend on your calculator?
Follow up of :

The thread above I think is more focused on "what program do you use often" or "what program do you find neat". Instead I would like to know which programs/libraries user stored in their flash memory. What you would recommend.

This is more oriented to RPL models, and maybe the models with expansion cards (so 41C, 71B, 67 with magnetic cards and so on) as I do not know if the concept of library applies also to other models, like the 42S or the 15C.

The idea is to let the others know useful libraries, as the hp community, even if is not matching the size of the ti/casio communities, produced a lot of useful libraries/programs that are unlikely to be known to all.
I am the first pretty ignorant of what is out there and what is worth checking. I thank again the work of Eric with his and all similar sites (the one about the 41, this forum, and so on) as they really help finding gems after years of ignorance.

Also even if one suggests a library for other models, this can be a wonderful source of inputs. For example the Math ROM for the 71B. I have no 71B, but it is an interesting list of functions that one may want to explore by himself. For example saying "ok, does my calculator do that to? How can I achieve a similar result?".

So let me start checking my little library on the 50g.
- ListExt.
list operations
- goferlist.
list operations
- RPL snippets.
various utilities. Especially I use the INFORML
- lnviewer
show long numbers in a more readable format
- longfloat
some floating points operations with more digits
- scatter49
scatter plots
- solvesys49
solves nonlinear equations
- sdfiler
a must have to browser and organize SD card content. the SD lib allows programming.
- lsort
more optimized sort for list operations.
- filer6
more powerful built in filer
- multistopwatch
a very neat stopwatch. Actually I wonder if in newRPL one can avoid busy waits. As far as I know on the saturn the counting of time is done putting the CPU to maximum stress, as in a busy wait.

What are yours?

Wikis are great, Contribute :)
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