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Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
05-05-2018, 10:08 PM
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RE: Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
Well, my 5 cent.
I bought the Prime 4 years ago and have used it in my helping school very often, I always reminded my 49G+ which was sitting in a drawer as a more capable device and even bought a 50G last year as the 49G+ had two broken keys, but I finally stuck to the Prime after I had reread all available documentation for the 50G and went through the examples I had written down years ago, it is waiting to be sold.
As the Prime is a new device (remember the years of development for the 4x-series ), its speed and its easy programming language it IS far superior to all calculators I have ever used, have you ever tried something like the methods used in Surface integrals on other calculators, I dpubt it will be as easy as with this little programm, and there are lots of other examples.
Any kind of physics, chemistry and biology problems can be solved with the Prime, perhaps not without deeper insight in the question, but in my opinion technology must not be used when it can be omitted (a simple translation of my best liked quote : Wenn es nicht erforderlich ist, Technologie im Unterricht einzusetzen, ist es erforderlich, Technologie nicht im Unterricht einzusetzen.
So if I don't understand what is to be done I should either not do it or otherwise be capable of solving it myself or writing a programme to solve it.
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