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Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
05-10-2018, 07:11 PM
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RE: Beware not to buy HP Prime, if you are engineer!
(05-10-2018 09:08 AM)dmmaster Wrote:  
(05-10-2018 05:56 AM)Marco Polo Wrote:  As a matter of fact the addition of CAS has brought a suboptimal keyboard layout: the useless SYMB and X keys were added at the expenses of Enter key, reduced in size a located in the wrong place. Not to mention the upward shift of operator keys, just to make space for Enter.
Furthermore the addition of CAS changed the menus and made them confused.
I can ignore Cas, but not the it's consequences.
In conclusion, of course IMHO, the addition of Cas to the 48 series gave birth to a 48-50 which is less usable for some categories of professionals.

Just two words about equation library. I started having one in 1991 with my 48sx. Never used in 27 years except the MES and the periodic table....

I believe that the best place for ENTER of 2 key size is to be mid calc on left size exactly like the hp48gx. I dont know why. it looks natural to me.

thank you for the video of M. Prof. Feynmann.

I would be interested to know who first realized the cas system for hp. that was really early.... is the cas on hp prime much much better

It is simply a matter of what you get used to. The ENTER key should be on the same side as the operations + - * /. We are used to the left as it is what we got used to. HP-42 / 48 ... put the shift function keys and the like on the left .... Once you use a calculator it becomes second nature.. it is only in transition or if you use multiple calcs (ie collectors) does it become an issue...
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