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Software for "Variable" and directories for HP Prime?
05-09-2018, 11:40 AM
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RE: Software for "Variable" and directories for HP Prime?
You may know all this - just putting it out there in case it helps:

Create a new application for each project you feel needs a "directory", either based on an existing application or based on none. Just select an application and hit "save". This, as Cyrille says, will give you a "directory", with variables that are only active when that application is active. You can tell which application is active by looking at the titlebar of the HP Prime.

This is a subtle but crucial piece of knowledge, that to me, made the whole App idea on the Prime make sense. There is always an active application whose special application variables appear in scope. Conversely those variables disappear from scope when that application is no longer the active application. For example F1 will refer to your F1(X) function if the "Function App" is active but refers to spreadsheet location F1 when the "Spreadsheet App" is active. General global variables you create are global and accessible no matter which app is active.

So, looking just at application variables:

AVars    - lists application vars of the current active application
AVars("myvar4"):=987    - create an application var

You can also auto create application variables by editing the current application "program" e.g.

EXPORT myvar1, myvar2:=123, myvar3;  // custom application vars
and these application variables are created when you activate that app. You can also run code in the START() function of the application "program", and assign calculations, or whatever, to those application variables. You can also access any apps variables by full namespace references e.g. Spreadsheet.F1 or Function.F1 no matter which application is currently active.

More refs:
- see for a nice article re scope.
- see how to create custom vars
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