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Software for "Variable" and directories for HP Prime?
05-15-2018, 10:35 AM (This post was last modified: 05-16-2018 11:44 AM by Gene.)
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RE: Software for "Variable" and directories for HP Prime?
(05-15-2018 06:12 AM)Stevetuc Wrote:  
(05-15-2018 03:37 AM)mfleming Wrote:  ....
Cheer up though! If you feel a hierarchy is essential, write a simple PPL implementation (create, destroy, move, cd, pwd). A directory is nothing more than a list of file names and their location (see HP48 implementaion for details). Files are just written to a flat storage space and structure is imposed via directory lists. It would be interesting and instructive to work on such a program, it doesn't need a GUI to start with, and in the end it may even give you some appreciation for Cyrille's ranking of that feature Smile

Have fun with it,

I think this can as viewed as a a compelling reason why a directory structure is badly needed- Structure, the clue is in the word... Certainly the program file directory does. It's unrelated to the app paradym and is currently just a disorganised flat list and the reason most people complain. Of course, it could be written by users in PPL, just as the missing RPN functionality can be worked around, but its the job of the UI to do this!

And the app icons needs subdirs even apple realise this on the iphone just try navigating your phone with a flat sea of icons (add your own punctuation if you feel this sentence needs structure)


Maybe a cool invention was wheel, but cooler was the structure for ordering things, folders,...

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