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Failed firmware update 2018 02 12 - Recovery Mode v17 - partial screen, fuzzy - CFO
06-14-2018, 01:58 AM
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Failed firmware update 2018 02 12 - Recovery Mode v17 - partial screen, fuzzy - CFO
Hello HP Prime Folks,

I am a teacher who is evaluating the HP Prime. I have a new calculator that is not usable after an attempted firmware update. The contents on the screen are not right; the screen is showing large fuzzy letters and images, and only a small part of the expected content fits on the screen.


A few days ago, I bought a g8x92aa#aba with bold color keys. I believe the original firmware was from 2016. I installed the PC connectivity kit (2018), HP_Prime_Connectivity_Kit_20180212.exe. I plugged in the included USB cable into a Windows machine, at a neighbor's home. The calculator was on. The version_20180212 firmware was downloaded automatically. I got a pop up window that the update was complete (OK). I dismissed (X) the window before the reset described below.

HP Prime screen said: Recovery Mode v17. It stayed there. I could not figure out if the recovery mode actually does something, so I did a pin reset.

My screen turned into faint fuzzy colors and the letters and images got large, so only a portion of what should be shown actually shows up on the screen.

I did a factory reset: CFO Reset pin 3 4 Enter. (After a few other attempts with Symb button, On button, other buttons, and the reset pin.)

HP Prime is still stuck in with large letters and partial contents. I attached the screen shot that should show up earlier in my post. I cannot figure out how to get past the sliding pattern to get into the calculator. I was in there before after the factory reset, so I doubt it would help. Meanwhile, I have not tried everything: I have not changed the USB port, not changed the cable, not charged the calculator to 100%. I don't know that these would apply to my situation, and I don't have a PC right now.

Please help me be able to use the calculator by troubleshooting the screen contents issue. Thank you.



P.S. I am a math and physics teacher testing the HP Prime to see if we shall require it at my high school. I am enthusiastic about what I have learned in the past three days. Today, I wanted to do a firmware update for two reasons: one is to be able to use Macs. The other is that Animation in the Geometry App works in the Emulator but not on my HP Prime, so I thought maybe updating would help (when I push on a point, there is no slider popping up).
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