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A sweet little poll about the WP 31S layout
04-20-2014, 01:22 AM
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RE: A sweet little poll about the WP 31S layout
(04-19-2014 09:53 PM)Massimo Gnerucci Wrote:  Walter, now you're going to hate me... Wink

I found that ISO 80000-2 states:
Quote:Clause 3 specifies that variables such as x and y, and functions in general (e.g., f(x)) are printed in italic type, while mathematical constants are in Roman (upright) type. Examples given of mathematical (upright) constants are e, π and i. The numbers 1, 2, 3, etc. are also upright.

Time to shuffle some pixels, again? Big Grin

You should quote the next paragraph as well, not just what's written in Wikipedia:
Quote:3 Variables, functions and operators
Variables such as x, y, etc., and running numbers, such as i in Σi xi are printed in italic (sloping) type.
Parameters, such as a, b, etc., which may be considered as constant in a particular context, are printed in italic (sloping) type. The same applies to functions in general, e.g. f, g.

An explicitly defined function not depending on the context is, however, printed in Roman (upright) type, e.g. sin, exp, ln, Γ. Mathematical constants, the values of which never change, are printed in Roman (upright) type, e.g. e = 2,718 218 8...; π = 3,141 592...; i2 = −1. Well-defined operators are also printed in Roman (upright) style, e.g. div, δ in δx and each d in df/dx.

The ISO 80000-2 is behind paywall (CHF 158.-), which is a very nice way to spread a standard.
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