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Comma Separated Values in CAS
06-29-2018, 10:04 PM
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RE: Comma Separated Values in CAS
(06-29-2018 03:04 PM)Joe Horn Wrote:  Just in case the OP meant, "Can CAS display large numbers with thousands separators?" then I'm pretty sure that the answer is NO. No matter which Number Format or Digit Grouping you select in Home Settings, CAS never inserts any thousands separators. You can, however, use the STRING function in a CAS program to insert thousands separators into an output:

STRING(123456789,2,2,"1,000,000") --> "123,456,789"

See the Help screen for STRING for further information about its many formatting options.

Thank you, I wish I understood why such an high tech device does not have thousands separators, the work around for me is to copy the numerical value from CAS into the home view screen. I like to use both algebraic mode CAS and RPN when working solutions.

Still a great calculator.
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