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Woodstock Low Power Connectivity Kit
10-18-2019, 10:44 PM
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RE: Woodstock Low Power Connectivity Kit
WLP ConnKit 1.04 released and ready for download!

The WLP Connectivity Kit has gradually transformed from an update and backup tool for the WLP to an universal and comfortable HP calculator ACT code analyzer for 20 different models without needing the WLP hardware.

Besides bug fixing the version 1.04 has some unique ACT code analyzing features:

1.) You can enter your comments in each line of code if you found something interesting while single stepping through the machine code and save your comments to the readable ACT machine code text file.

2.) You can save your analyzing session to file and load it the next day.

3.) And very unique: you can run the machine code backwards in case you have missed what was going on some steps before.

I would be interested if anybody does have interest in learning or understanding the old HP calculator machine language of the ACT chip or the HP-01 processor. But I will also not be disappointed if nobody, except me, did ever dive into the ACT machine code.


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