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Prices for HP41 modules/peripherals
07-03-2018, 02:17 AM
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RE: Prices for HP41 modules/peripherals
For well less than the the cost of a single one of those sought-after collector modules (about 170€, which includes the PIC programmer) you can get a NoV-64 that will completely emulate HEPAX and fit another 6-12 or so modules on. (48K rom... twelve 4K pages) PLUS 64K on NVRAM. HEPAX RAM even...

If that's too much coin, a "simple" Clonix had be had or even self-made more cheaply. It won't have all the advanced memory features, but you can pack a bunch of ROM images on it.

Really, the original ROM modules are best just for collectors today. If you are caring about function, something from the Clonix family (and NoV-64 is top-of-the-line) is a far better deal.

Diego does great work:
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