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(12C) Long Division
07-14-2018, 08:05 AM
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RE: (12C) Long Division
Hello Gamo.

I remember laughing at this calculator when it brought up this feature because I knew I could program it into my 12C. Although they probably would laugh at me for having more than several calculators.

You have a very unorthodox method of getting the answer. Very neat. This encourages me to show my program. It only consumes 8 steps although I would add an extra swap command at the end of my program just so I could have the remainder in the Y register. But it is a great feeling to create a program in the 12C and not convert any registers so I didn't.

01-   /
02-   LSTX
03-   SWAP
04-   INTG
05-   SWAP
06-   LSTX
07-   FRAC
08-   *

And I remember you like examples so I'll borrow yours for a second.

Example: 960/360

960 [ENTER] 360 [R/S] --> 240 [SWAP] 2
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