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hp-prime II
08-04-2018, 03:58 AM
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RE: hp-prime II
Hello Compsystems,
While I don’t know if the machine you describe will exist or not in the future, I am always been enchanted by the possibility to drive a plc from an HP calculator.

I know that one could buy an arduino and do everything without a calculator but having the possibility to program a board (I am not pointing to a specific hardware here) directly from the prime would be great.

There would be the possibility for HP or a third party company to develop an educational plc by the self but that would require a huge effort that is not exactly in the direction of a calculator group.

For this reason I see much more convenient to have a specific set of commands to extend HPPL (or CAS like the Python interpreter) and drive a commercial plc.

Why all of this make sense to me? Because we don’t have to forget technical schools. If the Prime is aimed (principally) for the students, we don’t have to forget all the new generation of technicians at school that could discover IOT through their calculator.


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