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TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
01-13-2019, 11:03 PM
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RE: TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
(01-13-2019 09:11 PM)Albert Chan Wrote:  
(01-13-2019 07:28 PM)ijabbott Wrote:  In the new TI-30X Pro MathPrint, unit conversions seem to have a much lower priority, so that '-1 °C⯈°F' and '2-3 °C⯈°F' both produce a result of 30.2. Strangely, the manual for the MathPrint still insists that negative numbers be placed in parentheses to do temperature conversions. This is probably left over from the previous manual!

Technically, that should be considered a bug. Big Grin

It's more consistent now. The order of operations table in the manual did include conversions, but only for things like fraction to decimal conversions. It never mentioned unit conversions in this table.

The manual for the new calculator doesn't mention unit conversions in the order of operations either, but they seem to have the same or similar priority to other conversions as far as I can tell.

Quote:Operator precedence usually don't change, due to compatibility.

Priority goes down drastically, from above unary-minus, to below subtraction !
All that without an updated documentation.

There are other changes to the order of operations, so I guess full compatibility with the old calculator wasn't much of a concern. Fractions have moved to a higher priority. Also bitwise logic operators and the STO→ operator have been added to the table, but only because they were absent before, and I don't think those have actually changed priority.

— Ian Abbott
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