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TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
01-29-2019, 09:43 AM
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RE: TI-36X Pro—Replace the batteries or just get a new one?
(01-29-2019 03:18 AM)lrdheat Wrote:  Another item that I like about the TI-30X Pro MathPrint is that an equation entered in ""table" as f(x) can be used in solve and in d/dx and in integral as f(x) instead of having to re-enter the equation in those operations as required by the CASIO 991EX. This is also true with the 36X Pro. The 30X Pro MathPrint also allows the same with g(x). I mostly leave g(x) permanently defined as d(f(x))/dx in table so that I can find candidate locations of extremums of f(x) very quickly in table, and then use g(x)=0 in solve to find the extremum to a high degree of precision. I can then put g(x), f(x), and x on consecutive lines to have f'(x), f(x), and x labeled and displayed on consecutive lines.

Hmm, this is really good news and very good feature. The fx-991nnn is annoying. Frankly speaking, the real solution is an Equation List - which is I know - not allowed in any exam, but I do not want to throw my calculator after my studies.

What is the possible best way?

Use a WP-34? Thank you, I dont want to write and solve my equations like on 41xx. I do not want to remember the R01 is the pressure at Point1, R02 is the temperature at the stagnation point, and so on, I want to write the Bernoulli like P1+RHO/2×V1^2+RHO*g*Z1=P2+RHO/2×V2^2+RHO*g*Z2+PLOSS and I don't care the SAT, FAT, MAT, MET, etc... idiot three letter abbrevations.

As I know some official guy is here, and I (and many people) cry here for years, but nobody want to produce a real beating calculator. Why? Because the market is very thin.

I dont want more limited calculator anymore. I want a 32SII looks like a 15C and capabilities like a 48xx with more memory, more speed, more connection possibilities, more sensor. Yes, I want play my MP3s on my calculator, I want to measure the concrete slope with it, put the measurement into my equations and I want to calculate on go. I have no time to learn 5-7-9 different platforms to do my job on the site, I dont want to use a half-brick graphic calculators, I dont want to write overcomplicated Java / Python / C codes on Linux/Windows/Android to calculate something. And I need more memory, I want to log my measurements, I want a real instrument what is designed by real engineers to real engineers.

I dont want more garage projets with offended coders, who thinks that their 'child' is the best and try to push out to many users. I dont want programming tricky ways because I am not a hacker, I am an engineer, who is not idiot, but do not want to play with a tool. The tools are for to use them. Not to play with them. And these garage boys do not understand this.

Is it really important to calculate to 32 decimal digits something? I think much better to calculate something with a given error, eg. I want to calculate with the Runge-Kutta in a given point at +/-0.1% relative error. I don't care how the programmer solve it, but I want it. I don't want to figure out how I(!) can calculate it, because this is not my job. They can implement a code which can calculate 32 digits, but cannot implement a RK which can calculate 0.1% error, this implementation is useless.

I hope you can understand the difference. I am clever, but this is not my job. I want to use it only.
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