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Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
08-18-2018, 06:51 AM (This post was last modified: 09-10-2018 06:40 PM by Didier Lachieze.)
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Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
Here is a small app implementing base functions in a RPL mode inspired by the 48GX.

You'll find an environment with a stack, softkeys and similar function set.

Some differences driven by quest for simplicity:
  • only integer numbers are supported, not real numbers
  • no need to type the # prefix or the base suffix, these are added automatically depending on the base chosen (hex, dec, oct or bin)
  • only number/letters authorized in the current base can be entered
  • in hex mode no need to press alpha for A..F , just press the corresponding keys
  • only the 4 operators (+,-,x,/) and the app logic, bit and byte functions are supported
  • the Prime RPN swap key ( [,] ) is supported, no other stack function is implemented
  • Next and Prev menu keys are mapped to the right and left arrows
  • exit is done by ON or Esc
  • in Home you can access the app stack values via the App variable "stack"

V1.1 - what's new:
  • Undo of the last operation
  • Import from Home Ans, CAS Ans or RPN stack
  • Export to Home Ans
  • Export to RPN stack via a user defined key (program provided in the included documentation)
  • Support of Shift key for different functions, including :
  • Shift Clear to clear the stack
  • Shift Info to provide some info about the App
  • Shift Num setup to give access to the App settings
  • Internal menu handling has been rewritten to make it more generic with the softkey actions coded in the menu description

V1.0: This is the first version. Comments and bug reports are welcome.

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