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Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
08-20-2018, 12:21 PM
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RE: Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
(08-18-2018 06:51 AM)Didier Lachieze Wrote:  Here is a small app implementing base functions in a RPL mode inspired by the 48GX.

You'll find an environment with a stack, softkeys and similar function set.

Some differences driven by quest for simplicity:
  1. only integer numbers are supported, not real numbers
  2. no need to type the # prefix or the base suffix, these are added automatically depending on the base chosen (hex, dec, oct or bin)
  3. only number/letters authorized in the current base can be entered
  4. in hex mode no need to press alpha for A..F , just press the corresponding keys
  5. only the 4 operators (+,-,x,/) and the app logic, bit and byte functions are supported
  6. the Prime RPN swap key ( [,] ) is supported, no other stack function is implemented
  7. Next and Prev menu keys are mapped to the right and left arrows
  8. exit is done by ON or Esc
  9. in Home you can access the app stack values via the App variable "stack"

This is the first version. Comments and bug reports are welcome.

Very nice app!

Suggestions regarding possible future additions:

lt would be handy if the logic operators could have an undo, do user could try these out yet retain the input data.

Reading input from rpn stack and also writing back to the stack

Programatically, answer(n) gives the values on the rpn stack for use in the app and if stack list is exported as a space delimited string via a user key say, pressing enter will add the elements as individual stack levels.
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