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Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
08-21-2018, 07:21 AM
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RE: Base48: an application inspired by the 48GX Base functions
(08-20-2018 12:21 PM)Stevetuc Wrote:  Suggestions regarding possible future additions:

lt would be handy if the logic operators could have an undo, do user could try these out yet retain the input data.

Reading input from rpn stack and also writing back to the stack

Programatically, answer(n) gives the values on the rpn stack for use in the app and if stack list is exported as a space delimited string via a user key say, pressing enter will add the elements as individual stack levels.

Thanks, I'll look to implement these suggestions in the next version.

(08-21-2018 12:21 AM)JDW Wrote:  Didier, once again, I cannot praise your glorious app enough. It is excellent. But since you asked for bug reports, I must mention one small thing. Open any of the HP apps and then press Blue-Shift and On. The result is the calculator turns off, and when you turn on the Prime again you are back in the app where you left off. Now open your Base48 app and press Blue-Shift and On. The Prime does not power off. It takes you Home instead because, apparently, Blue-Shift is ignored.
Is this a feature or a bug?

Thanks, I would say this is a limitation of the app. To manage the stack I have to intercept the keystrokes. Currently I have not implemented any action associated to the Blue-Shift key, but even if I do I don't know a way to programmatically turn off the Prime. So it's not possible to replicate how Blue-Shift On is managed by the standard apps.
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